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Strong Families Make Stronger Communities

Arizonans are hard-working. We’re resilient. But today, due to persistent dysfunction in the Legislature, our state isn’t doing what is necessary to ensure that families can grow and thrive here. As a mother of three and a candidate for office, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to speak up for the shared interests of parents in Arizona: access to quality health care and child care, safe neighborhoods, good-paying jobs, and strong roots in our communities.

As your State Representative, I’ll use my background in social work, public service, and organizing to bring shareholders in the community together, so that we can have an honest and respectful conversation about how to move District 26 forward while leaving no one behind.




We know all too well here in Arizona who pays the price when funding for public education is cut: our children, and the teachers who commit themselves to helping our children learn and grow. Those teachers continue to leave the workforce, tuition rates at our colleges and universities continue to rise, and our achievement gaps are still too large. We need to make changes, and we need to make them now. I will advocate in the Legislature to restore education funding and ensure that we have the sustainable revenue sources and the accountability necessary to meet the needs of all students in Arizona.


Health Care

Members of our State Legislature must do more to secure access to health care as a fundamental right for all Arizonans. It must be our goal to ensure that no one in our community fails to receive the care and treatment they need to live and thrive. Once elected, I will continue my commitment to promoting the health of our communities by: expanding health insurance, increasing access to services and screenings, supporting community-based clinics, protecting women’s health and reproductive rights and access to organizations such as Planned Parenthood, ensuring that our VA system is accountable and provides the best-quality care for our veterans while collaborating with community shareholders to improve the quality of care for children, seniors, and families.


Native Americans

In the Legislature, I’ll bring both parties together to increase the access that our Native communities have to work and thrive in Arizona’s cities, to make needed investments in those communities, and to ensure that the cultural heritage and community roots of Native people are preserved and made more visible to our neighbors.


Affordable Housing

It was reported this year that Arizona is ranked third-worst in the nation for affordable housing. The recession took its toll on our state, but as our economy continues to recover, access to affordable housing for our low and middle class residents continues to shrink. If I didn’t think we could do better, I wouldn’t be in this race. If elected, I will tackle this crisis head-on, working with both sides of the aisle to restore funding to rental assistance and eviction-prevention programs, and ensure that access to affordable housing is enjoyed by all Arizonans.



As we work to make housing more affordable and more accessible in Arizona, we must also commit ourselves, in the spirit of strong communities, to taking on the crisis of homelessness. This situation is especially dire for our veterans and Native community, people who have sacrificed much for this state, and who make up a disproportionately large number of unhoused Arizonans. I will work to build consensus in the legislature in order to lift wages and invest in programs to address poverty, substance abuse, and mental health issues.



Every Arizonan deserves access to clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a safe community in which to live. It is in the best interest of all Arizonans today and for generations to come, to work to reduce carbon emissions and increase access to renewable energy sources. The effects of climate change are already being felt in our state and elsewhere, and will have a significant impact on our public health, infrastructure, and quality of life. As your State Representative, I will push to create good-paying jobs, secure our way of life, and preserve the future of Arizona by investing in renewable energy and safeguarding our natural resources.


Food Security

One Arizonan living without access to affordable, nutritious food is one too many; yet, today, that’s the case for hundreds of thousands of people in our state. This is not a partisan issue -- this is about who we are as a community. As your State Representative, I’ll do my part to make our district more economically secure, to assist small farmers and expand the production of fresh and healthy foods, and to work hand-in-hand with local communities and all sectors of our food system to ensure that no Arizonan ever goes hungry.

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