Please take a look at my candidate statement which has been translated into American Sign Language and is captioned (minutes 14:02 to 16:48): 


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My ancestral and indigenous roots are from the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona - among sacred mountains, medicinal plants, life-giving river waters and pristine skies. My lineage stems from a small community known as Klagetoh, and my childhood was shaped by many familial connections throughout the area.

My determination to serve and give back to my community is derived from influences from a network of hard-working people within my community and was instilled in me at a very young age. This family network not only included traditional herbalists, ranchers, weavers, mill workers, silversmiths, teachers and attorneys, but it also included forty-one (41) veterans who served honorably in nearly every branch of the United States military. My lineage serves as a gentle reminder that my journey has been paved by a deeply rooted love for land, a way of life, and vibrant sense of community.

I am Tséníjíkiní - a Navajo clan also known as the Cliff Dweller People. I am born for the Tsénahabiłnii, Sleepy Rock People. And I am the maternal grandchild of the Tsi'naajinii, Black Streaked Forest People and the paternal granddaughter to the Tábąąhí, Waters Edge People. As a Navajo, identifying our four clan relationships is the proper way we introduce ourselves to new faces.


She's Qualified for the Ballot! 



Statements of Voter Intimidation and Coercion in Maricopa County Legislative District 26 House and Senate Race

Debbie Nez-Manuel, Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives, Legislative District 26 Statement in Response to Unethical Phone Banking Practices


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